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Welcome to the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of North Carolina (AICCNC). Unlike most chambers, we are not focused on general economic development of a community but, rather, on the development of business acumen and best practices of Native American entrepreneurs within North Carolina to improve their financial success.

Although members of AICCNC may be either Native American or non-Native Americans, AICCNC’s services are dedicated solely to Native American members. We welcome non-Native American corporate members with the business experience, knowledge, skills, and desire to mentor our Native American entrepreneurial members.

The AICCNC and its members provide business advice on a free but no-guarantee no-warranty basis. For example, a document called Best Practices for Business: Becoming a Preferred Supplier is available to Native American members, at no charge, to assist in the management and operation of their business. It assumes that the business is already started with all legal requirements completed, the infrastructure (accounting, human resources, information technology systems, sales, etc.) is in place, and has an established clientele. If not, there are many information sources, organizations, and government agencies that can help in these areas and the AICCNC can assist you in identifying some of these sources.

Other information is available from this web site, especially the section on Frequently Asked Questions, and from our corporate member “experts”. If you have a specific business problem not addressed in our published information sources, we encourage you to ask for assistance. Let us know the degree of confidentiality that must be maintained and the urgency of your request. We will do our best to assist our Native American members. We want Native Americans to become a significant economic force and improve the well being of all Native Americans in North Carolina.

Again, welcome to AICCNC.

Roy Roberts

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