Mission and Objectives

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To promote the growth and success of existing and new American Indian-owned businesses in North Carolina to improve the economic well being of all American Indians employed by them.


  1. Offer (no-charge) advice from executives with proven in-depth and significant breath of business skills and experience;
  2. Provide business education and training programs to cultivate quality entrepreneurial skills;
  3. Promote and stimulate business opportunities by providing access to information resources and better awareness of public sector agencies and private industry; and
  4. Assist in development of long-term business growth for our American Indian members.
The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of North Carolina (AICCNC) is a non-profit, registered 501 (c)(3) organization that is dedicated to promoting American Indian-owned businesses in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, there is a high correlation between the counties with the most American Indians and the counties with the lowest per capita income. There are very few American Indian-owned businesses in these and remaining counties in North Carolina.  The AICCNC is assisting American Indian entrepreneurs to help solve this problem.



We offer many services for the benefit of our members.  A few of these include:

  • Training / Education Seminars – Discussions and presentations on relevant topics such as starting a business, obtaining funding, and others.
  • Intra-Member Counseling – Guidance and advice on solving business problems by other members that have experienced similar issues.
  • FAQ Database – Provides on-line access to proposed solutions and best practice methodology.

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